PUBG Mobile Hack - [ Cheto Hack ] - [ 1 Day Key ] - [ Apple or iOS ] - [ Jailbreak & Non Jailbreak ]



  1. Only work for JAILBROKEN & NON-JAILBREAK iOS devices.
  2. Only work for Global PUBG only. 
  3. I will guide the installation process
  4. The subscription key will give at Order History.

1.ESP (Wall Hack)

  • Enemy location
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles 
  • Medical
  • Misc


  • Head
  • Neck
  • Bones
  • Body
  • Switch
  • FOV

3. Auto Fire


  1. When your iDevice is jailbroken, you can enjoy the most comfortable way of using Cheto.

  2. Use your iDevice's mobile browser to visit Cheto's Download section here, then click on the "Download for Cydia" button. Alternatively, open the Cydia app on your device, go to the "Sources" tab and type in the URL manually which you can retrieve from the Download section by clicking the "Show private repository url" button.

  3. Do not share your repo URL with anyone, as it contains your personal authentication key.

  4. After you have added the repo you can search for Cheto in Cydia. Select the desired game package and install it.

  5. Make sure to not use any other tweaks that might inject into the game app's process, as that poses a risk.

  6. Now you can start the game and enjoy Cheto. Check Cydia every once in a while to see if there is a new Cheto update available for the best support.

  7. If the hack is not loading, please uninstall tweaks like HideJB, Choicy, Tweaks Manager, Liberty Lite, FlyJB, KernBypass, Shadow & A-Bypass, then try again.


  1. Don’t install any other Bypass tweak
  2. Don’t use the AntiBan fils
  3. Test on Guest Account
  4. Aimbot is high risk and not recommended to use.

DisclaimerUse at your own risk and I will not responsible for any loss or damage to your account when using this software.


Delivery time: Instant

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API